So, what is all this then?

So, what is all this then?

Just in case you have no idea what "all this" is about, we'll do our best to explain...

Parachutes are maybe the oldest form of personal aviation. Quite simply "a device used to slow the motion of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag". Not much to them, but they make falling a more pleasant experience than they'd be otherwise.

Somewhere along the line some clever people figured out we could apply the dynamics of an aircraft wing to a parachute and gain forward flight through a controlled glide. And thus Paragliding was born. Still popular and widely practiced today Paragliding relies on Ridge lift, Thermals and just plain jumping off of high places to gain and maintain flight. Humans being the crafty creatures we are have also found other ways to gain altitude such as being towed into the air or deploying from other aircraft like hot air balloons.

Somewhere along the line some clever people thought "hey what if I tie this lawnmower engine to my back with a propeller and run into the air. And thus the Paramotor was born. Paramotoring, also known as "Powered Paragliding" or "PPG" for short is a form of ultralight aviation where a pilot is suspended in the air by a paraglider with powered propulsion, commonly in the form of a 2-stroke motor driven propeller. As it's evolved, refined and gains in popularity over the years equipment manufacturers have refined the technology to the fine science we enjoy today.

So wait a minute, what exactly are you doing? Basically we strap ourselves to a big perfectly engineered kite and run into the sky with a propeller strapped to our back pushing us into the air.

What if my knees or bad, I have a medical condition, I'm out of shape, I'm lazy or I'm too old for this shit? We have wheels too!

...I have so many more questions! Check out our FAQs and see if they answer your questions. If not feel free to contact us for more information. We love what we do, and if you want to hear about it we won't shut up about it.